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Visit Herculaneum

Visit Herculaneum.

Second only to the city of Pompei, Herculaneum too was in 1997 adopted by UNESCO as a world heerc3-405x315rit age site.

Visit Herculaneum and you will be able to admire beautiful villas, important public buildings and extraordinary thermal baths.

Herculaneum is the only example in the world of an ancient city with intact remains of houses and ornaments, even food was preserved under the ashes, making Herculaneum a truly open air museum.

On 24th August 79 A.D, Vesuvius awoke after a long sleep, taking the population of the area by surprise.

The eruption was apocalyptic, destroying all life at the foot of the volcano.

The cities that were destroyed were lost to memory.

After 1700 years the buried cities came back to light, offering the world its two most important archaeological sites, Pompeii and Herculaneum.

In Herculaneum excavations began in the 18th century, to be exact, in 1709 when the Prince of Elboeuf, while having a well dug for one of his villas, happened to find the remains of the theatre.

In 1738 King Carlos of Bourbon officially ordered excavation work to begin.


Less is known of Herculaneum, which legend tells was founded by Hercules, due to the depth to which the city was buried, even though the buildings are better preserved. The baths, the Augustan College of Priests and a theatre are almost intact as are too the House of the Bicentenary and the House of the Stags, which have wide courtyards and splendid decorations.

Herculaneum was a rich commercial city and in its warehouses, which escaped destruction, were found urns and jars in which foodstuffs would have been transported.

Visit Herculaneum

Herculaneum is a town in the province of Naples which is easily accessible from Salerno either by car (A3 motorway) or by train (30-35 minutes).

Find out how to visit Herculaneum

Visit Herculaneum and its excavations for more info click here


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