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The Minerva Garden

giardino-minerva.2-300x300The Minerva Garden in Salerno Italy 

In the heart of the old part of Salerno Italy and a few steps away from our Bed and Breakfast is the minerva Garden, a magnificent orchard which is seeped in history. The garden is situated in an area called “Plaium montis” in the Middle Ages, in the middle of a route passing through the terraced orchards, the Public Gardens up towards the Castle of Arechi in Salerno Italy

The historical and cultural value of the Minerva Garden is closely associated with Matteo Silvatico, an important doctor at the famous Salerno Medical School, who in the first decades of the 1300s, cultivated the first medicinal plants in this garden, where teaching activities regarding these plants and their properties took place for the benefit of the students of the Scuola Medica di Salerno Italy. From a publication by Silvatico entitled “Opus pandectarum medicinae”, we can read a description of the garden: “…and I have a colocasia here, in Salerno, in my garden, near a prominent fountain”.


The garden winds down over terraced areas which are connected by a long flight of steps, held up by cruciform pillars which support a wooden pergola.

The flight of steps, built on the old city walls, gives you excellent views over the sea, the old part of the town and the hills surrounding Salerno Italy.

The plants are in small beds, all well looked after and labelled for the benefit of visitors. An irrigation system shows the presence of springs which over the centuries have facilitated cultivation here. The garden also has a very favourable microclimate, comprising heat and humidity, ideal for the plant species that grew and continue to grow in this garden.

As far as the botanical species present in the garden are concerned, after the restoration work of 2001, different plants were replanted, most importantly those that are named in the publication Regimen Sanitatis Salernitanum and in the Opus Pandectarum Medicinae. In particular,in the garden can be found the legendary Mandragora, a plant that is said to possess extraordinary powers. In addition, within the garden was inaugurated the Museum of Pharmacy in memory of Rosario Mazzella.

Commonly accepted as the forerunner of the modern botanical garden, this garden offers perspectives and landscapes that leave you breath-taken for their beauty. It represents one of the most significant links of the Renaissance with the old centre of Salerno Italy developed during the 90s and a must-see for whoever visits the city of Salerno Italy

For info visit the site: www.giardinodellaminerva.it


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