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The Villa

The Villa in Salerno Amalfi Coast

Dimora Salernum is a B&B near the Salerno Amalfi Coast, a few steps from the port where you can take a tour of the Amalfi Coast or visit the nearby Public Gardens, a green area in the centre of the city of Salerno, a real green breathing area, hemmed between Via Roma and Lungomare Trieste, just a short stroll from out Bed and Breakfast. In the past it was one of the main staging areas between the old town and other urban centres, Naples especially. Situated at the gates of the city of Salerno Amalfi Coast, the Public Gardens were designed and built by the architect, Casalbore in the second half of the 19th century.


The magnificent garden evolved around the celebrated Don Tullio Fountain, called also the Fountain ofAsclepius,  considered one of the most typical fountains of old Salerno. Built in 1790 to refresh travellers arriving in the port and street-sellers, the baroque style fountain first hosted in a niche within a bust of Asclepius which was then replaced in the 19th century with a small angel.
Today the Villa is just as beautiful and offers a relaxing place to sit for all generations
. After a period of neglect in the 90s it became the centre of an operation of botanical and architectural restoration, which saw an enlarging of the green areas in the city and the addition of new rare  plants.  The last intervention rerouted the pathways and redid the paving stones, these stretchedas far as the doors of the  Verdi Theatre to which the gardens are connected by a pedestrian precinct called, Traversa D’Agostino, where the notes from a modern wired wireless system accompany the footsteps of visitors.


Strolling through the gardens you can admire Mediterranean plants such as papyrus and banana trees which grow naturally here thanks to the favourable climate of the city. The garden also contains many statues dedicated to important personages from the city of Salerno. One work in marble is dedicated to Carlo Pisacane by the sculptor Gennaro Calì. There is a monument to  Giovanni Nicotera by the sculptor Alfonso Balzico and a bust of  Clemente Mauro by the Salerno sculptor Gaetano Chiaromonte as well as a bust of Giovanni Cuomo by the same sculptor.

In addition, from November to the end of January, on the occasion of the Christmas lights event, the public gardens in Salerno Amalfi Coast are transformed into a magic wonderland with a series of works of art in lights which leave the visitor spellbound.

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