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Paestum Italy

Do you wish to visit Paestum Italy?

Paestum Italy was founded by the Greeks around the VII century B.C under the name, Poseidon and was subsequently occupied by the Lucanians until 273 A.D when the Romans turned it into a prosperous colony, giving it its present name.

Paestum, with its 15 Kms of sandy beaches, its woods of Mediterranean pine which run parallel to the coast and which provide shade from the summer sun and its Greek-Roman archaeological zone surrounded by a 5 Km stone wall encompassing majestic temples is the pearl of the Cilento coast.

These temples, immersed in a green plain, reflect light differently depending on the time of day and the season.
Many writers, artists and poets such as Goethe, Shelley, Canova and Piranesi have been entranced by the visual impact of Paestum Italy which became a source of inspiration for them. These large temple structures are an extraordinary example of the Doric style.

The temples of Paestum

The Temple of Hera, dating back to the VI century B.C, is the oldest temple.
The Temple of Neptune (V century B.C) is a grandiose construction of travertine blocks of a warm golden colour whose hues vary at different times of the day. A veritable jewel. Imposing and elegant.
The Temple of Ceres (VI century B.C), in reality was dedicated to the goddess  Athena, and in the middle ages was transformed into a church, backing onto the external wall and enshrining three Christian tombs.
In summer, a night-time walk in this magnificent setting, accompanied by music and lights along the way, offers the possibility of a unique experience among works of the great civilisations of the past. Opposite the archaeological area lies the National Museum of Archaeology where can be found exhibited numerous relics: vases, statues, coins, jewels and in particular the painted slabs from the so-called Tomb of the Diver,a unique example of painting from the Greek era in the Magna Graecia.

But that is not all. Paestum Italy is not just history and art but also a place where it is possible to discover authentic and genuine flavours in high quality products.

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Buffalo milk Mozzarella

Paestum DOP buffalo-milk mozzarella is an Italian speciality together with the Paestum IGP round articmazzarella_pomodori (1)hokes.In the agricultural enterprises of Paestum Italy can still be seen mozzarella being ‘worked’ bare-handed. These are interesting visits and also an opportunity to purchase and sample ricotta and mozzarella based products, ice-cream, yogurt and buffalo meat dishes. These well-known agricultural enterprises which produce buffalo milk mozzarella make Paestum Italy a wonderful stop on a gastronomic tour in search of wonderful flavours.

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