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How to reach Capri?

The Isle of Capri lies opposite Campanella Point, the boundary between the Gulfs of Salerno and Naples. It is not by chance that it is one of the most important destinations of international tourism. Many famous people, writers, poets, artists have been awestruck by its natural beauty, its colours, its verdant vegetation and by its marvellous grottoes. Even some international film directors have used this splendid island as a backdrop to their films!

visit the island of CapriInhabited since the Palaeolithic era, when it was still attached to the mainland, Capri was the residence of various Roman emperors such as Augustus and Tiberius whose names were given to gardens on the island.
Thanks to its particularly mild climate, the island can be visited all year round. Many tourists are attracted by its blue sea, its magical atmosphere, its emotional impact and the hospitality of the residents. Capri is a dream in which nature and beauty fuse together in an extraordinary way.
Visiting Capri means stopping in its famous piazza, an open air salon where it is possible to relax while sipping an aperitif or a typical Neapolitan coffee.

How to reach Capri?
Capri is easy to reach from Salerno by ferry. From Manfredi Quay (Molo Manfredi), which is very near the DimoraSalernum Bed and Breakfast, there are daily departures for Capri from 1st April to the beginning of November.

On Capri

When you arrive in Marina Grande do not miss the opportunity to take a trip round the island on one of the many boats in the harbour. Capri is even more beautiful if viewed from the sea and you can admire the rugged cliffs, grottoes and inlets. Organised tours are the ideal way to visit the island if you only have one day there.


They last about two hours and you will be able to see the Coral Grotto, the White Grotto, the Natural Arch and the famous Faraglioni, three pointed rocks coming out of the sea    which have made Capri famous all over the world together with the Blue Grotto. If you take a small rowing boat you can enter the Blue Grotto and enjoy the blue-silver reflections produced by the rays of the sun filtering through the inlet into the grotto! Then there is the Punta Carena lighthouse, Villa San Michele, the villas belonging to celebrities and the Baths of Tiberius. And in summer you certainly cannot pass up the chance of a dip from the Marina Piccola beach. And if by chance in the late afternoon you are not too tired, you can have a stroll along Via Camerelle, the shopping street, as much as to make purchases as to window shop ! Capri can also be visited in winter. Clear winter days are perfect for trekking along the paths which branch out around the island. The chairlift to Monte Solaro is open all year round.

For connections to Capri check this site: www.gescab.it


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