Dimora Salernum


Do you want to have a tour Campania but you have no idea where to stay?

 The B&B Dimora Salernum is the ideal accommodation for those who wish to better enjoy their stay discovering the Amalfi Coast and the Campania Region without sacrificing the convenience and vibrancy of the city

The B&B Dimora Salernum is right in the center of Salerno, strategically located in relation to
Amalfi coast and other famous resorts of Campania, such as Naples, Pompeii, Herculaneum, Caserta and Paestum in nearby  Cilento Coast.  

All these places can be easily reached from our bed and breakfast by pubblic trasport in not much time .

But if you want to relax and don’t have thoughts leave it all to us, we can organize a wonderful boat cruise along the Amalfi Coast or a comfortable trip with chauffeur to take in all the most beautiful places of campania. 
In this section you will find our suggestions and tips for a discovery tour Campania.
The most popular places for a tour Campania on the Amalfi Coast, the
charming scenery of Amalfi, Ravello, Positano, the nature trails for nature lovers,
suspended between sky and sea.
And then again the wonders of Naples, with its monuments and its culture, the charm of the city
buried Pompeii and Herculaneum, the energy of Vesuvius, the ancient Paestum, the splendor of the Royal Palace of Caserta .
Visit Campania, we will be happy to give you our suggestions for a tour  Campania
discovering our beautiful land
The proposed itineraries and activities reported in this section have all been made to us in person.
Articles and photos are all original and the result of our own work, because we want the best for our guests.

Book your holiday at B&B Dimora Salernum and have with us your tour Campania



      Amalfi Coast Tour: Amalfi  For your Amalfi Coast Tour choose Dimora Salernum in the centre of Salerno. In the splendid scenery of the Amalfi Coast lies the beautiful town of Amalfi. Settled by Romans who penetrated into the Lattari Mountains fleeing from the Barbarian invasions, the town,[...]


Amalfi Coast Vacation: Ravello Are you planning your Amalfi Coast Vacation for next summer? Ravello is the pearl of the Amalfi Coast. During your stay at the Dimora Salernum, B&B in the centre of Salerno, visit Ravello and its gardens. Ravello is famous worldwide for its spellbinding location and its[…]



  Amalfi Coast itinerary: Positano Dimora Salernum is your point of departure for your Amalfi Coast itinerary and an excellent alternative if you are looking for a B&B on the Amalfi Coast. We are a few steps from the port, from which you can visit the most beautiful places on[…]

Paestum Italy

Do you wish to visit Paestum Italy? Paestum Italy was founded by the Greeks around the VII century B.C under the name, Poseidon and was subsequently occupied by the Lucanians until 273 A.D when the Romans turned it into a prosperous colony, giving it its present name. Paestum, with its 15[…]

Visit Herculaneum

Visit Herculaneum. Second only to the city of Pompei, Herculaneum too was in 1997 adopted by UNESCO as a world herit age site. Visit Herculaneum and you will be able to admire beautiful villas, important public buildings and extraordinary thermal baths. Herculaneum is the only example in the world of an[…]

Vietri Pottery

  Vietri Pottery is one of the products d’excellence of the Amalfi Coast. If you have decided to visit the Amalfi Coast, start your journey from Vietri sul Mare and discover Vietri pottery! Vietri sul Mare Situated a few kilometres from our bed and breakfast, Vietri sul Mare is a pretty village suspended[…]

Visit Vesuvius

Visit Vesuvius “A Muntagna” is the ‘mountain’ in Italian and is the name by which Neapolitans call Vesuvius, the most famous volcano in the world, symbolic of the city of Naples, its perfect form looming over the Gulf of Naples. Visit Vesuvius! Standing on the edge of the crater you become[…]

Visit Naples

Visit Naples! Naples is not just history, culture, art music and tradition but much, much more. It is unique not only for its beauty, but also for the liveliness and friendliness of its people.” Visit Naples and die”, from whatever direction you arrive, you will be struck by the view[…]

Pompeii Ruins

  Pompeii ruins The Pompeii Ruins is the most famous and fascinating archaeological site in the world. In 1997 it became a UNESCO World heritage site. In recent years around 2,500,000 visitors from all over the world have come to admire the Pompeii ruins. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D.[…]

The Minerva Garden

The Minerva Garden in Salerno Italy  In the heart of the old part of Salerno Italy and a few steps away from our Bed and Breakfast is the minerva Garden, a magnificent orchard which is seeped in history. The garden is situated in an area called “Plaium montis” in the Middle Ages, in[…]