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Caserta Royal Palace

Caserta Royal Palace

The Caserta Royal Palace is made up of 1200 rooms and covers an area of around 44,000 square metres.

Caserta lies a little more than an hour away from Salerno on the (A30) motorway. This beautiful town is famous the world over for the magnificent  Palace, designed by the architect Luigi Vantivelli and adopted as a UNESCO world heritage site.

Building work, ordered by Carlo III began in 1752 and was completed in 1845.

The building cost about 6 million ducats and employed over 3000 workers, slaves and Muslim prisoners.

Inside you can admire works of art, stucco work, bas relief, frescoes sculptures and inlaid floors. Through the main entrance you arrive in an imposing atrium and from here, up the main stairway you reach the Palatine Chapel and the sumptuous royal apartments.  In the salons you can enjoy paintings by artists of that period and rococo and neo-classical furniture.


The palace boasts a spellbinding garden, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, which extends for 120 hectares.

Strolling along the 3-kilometre, main pathway in the park, you can admire marvellous gardens, some of which are English and some of which are Italian. These gardens contain majestic fountains supplied by the Carolino aquaduct (or Vanvitelli aquaduct) , which is 41 km long and was inaugurated by King Ferdinand in 1762. It obtains its water from the slopes of Monte Taburno.

After a visit to the palace you can wander around the historic centre of Caserta, a medieval village on the upper reaches of the Tifatini Mountains at an altitude of about 400 metres and 10 kilometres in a north-easterly direction from Caserta.


Here is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful buildings in the area, an ancient Romanesque cathedral, built in 1113 and dedicated to the archangel Saint Michael.


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