Dimora Salernum

The Garden


B&B Salerno

Are you looking for a B&B Salerno with a garden? Look no further than Dimora Salernum.

Although the B&B Salerno Dimora Salernum is on the third floor of an old building in the centre of Salerno; you will be amazed by the fact that it has a garden!

It is a roof garden that belongs exclusively to our apartment, a charming and impressive area, located at the rear of B&B Salerno Dimora Salernum, giving it a touch of originality and uniqueness!

The garden is for us an oasis of peace and relaxation
It makes us forget to be at the center of Salerno
We are very proud of our garden we personally supervised the renovation.

The garden has a variety of flowers, plants and furniture. Now you can understand better why our B&B Salerno has something more … a special space where you can relax, enjoy an aperitif or take breakfast in a corner of Heaven!

Do some early morning exercises or play cards or read a favourite book. All these you can do in the garden of our B&B Salerno.
The beautiful ceramic table from Vietri, the wood oven and the barbecue ensure our guests have a wonderful break away 32-Dimora-Salernum-ph.-Cerzosimo-300x300from the hustle and bustle of daily routine in an oasis of peace in the heart of our B&B Salerno.

Our garden is a source of pride, the heart of the Dimora, where we love to talk to guests,  where we are pleased to offer them a fresh  welcome aperitif  and give them  respite from the summer heat.
The place where we often  spend moments of conviviality, socialization and cultural exchange by our friends and enjoy them with the delight of our land.

The B&B Salerno Dimora Salernum is the ideal place to take a break and enjoy the advantages of being close to the town centre and the main connections with the Amalfi Coast and the station, where you can catch trains to places like Pompeii, Naples and Paestum, without being missing out on the peacefulness and greenery of open air spaces such as our garden.

Discover the rooms in our B&B Salerno Dimora Salernum.