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      Amalfi Coast Tour: Amalfi 

amalfi_coast_tourFor your Amalfi Coast Tour choose Dimora Salernum in the centre of Salerno.
In the splendid scenery of the Amalfi Coast lies the beautiful town of Amalfi.
Settled by Romans who penetrated into the Lattari Mountains fleeing from the Barbarian invasions, the town, due to its geographical position, developed businesses linked to maritime trade.
Amalfi was one of the five Maritime Republics and contended with Pisa, Genova and Venice for control of the Mediterranean. By tradition, every year, a team of rowers takes part in a regatta involving teams from Pisa, Venice and Genova.  Flavio Gioia, born in Amalfi, perfected the maritime compass, thus making the town even more well-known.
Amalfi boasted a stone dockyard for the construction of war ships.

All that remains today are two slipways separated by ten stone pillars. The imposing Cathedral of Sant’Andrea underwent a remake in the nineteenth- century but still contains many of its original elements such as the bell tower and the bronze Byzantine door which was made in Constantinople in 1065.

The town of Amalfi

Amalfi_2-300x300Amalfi is famous worldwide for its production of hand-made paper, called Bambagina, and it is still possible to visit the paper-making museum. A 15 to 20-minute visit allows you to see at first-hand how a sheet of Amalfi paper is made.

In the second half of the nineteenth-century Ferdinand of Bourbon was so struck by the beauty of the Amalfi Coast that he decided to have a coast road built to facilitate access to Naples, the then capital from the coast…

It is fascinating to trek in the Valley of the Ironworks where once there were active mills and ironworks and of which only tumbledown ruins remain as far as the biogenetic reserve, a magical place which has a particular micro-climate allowing for the conservation of the  Woodwardia Radicans, a fern dating back to the last ice age.


Where to stay

After your Amalfi Coast Tour you can relax in the romantic Bed and Breakfast DimoraSalernum, in the centre of Salerno, a few steps from the Public Gardens and the sea front. In the evenings you can stroll through the historic centre and have an excellent pizza in one of the many eateries which promote local dishes and local produce like the piennolo cherry tomatoes or colatura di alici from Cetara.

Find out how to reach the Amalfi Coast: http://www.gescab.it/

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